Sciatica is a very painful condition, and in some cases, the condition can be debilitating. The condition involves your sciatic nerve, which branches from your lower back, through your hips and buttocks, and down your legs. Fortunately, the professionals at Guzzardo Chiropractic Center in Clinton Township can create a treatment plan to relieve the pain and other symptoms that are associated with sciatica.

Sciatica Risk Factors

Although anyone can develop sciatica, certain factors can increase your chance of developing this condition.

  • Age: As you age, changes in your spine can occur, such as herniated discs and bone spurs.
  • Obesity: When you are obese, excess weight can cause changes in the spine that can trigger sciatica.
  • Diabetes: Diabetes increases your risk of nerve damage due to the way that your body uses blood sugar. This can trigger sciatica.
  • Occupation: If you have a job that involves heavy lifting, your risk increases. The same is true if your job requires you to drive all day or to twist your back often.
  • Prolonged sitting: People with a sedentary lifestyle have a higher chance of getting sciatica than those who live an active lifestyle.

Sciatica Symptoms

Sciatica causes pain down the sciatic nerve. For some, it is a mild ache. For others, it is a sharp, burning sensation that can be incredibly painful. Some people say that the pain feels like an electric shock. The pain tends to become worse when you first wake up in the morning, after sitting for long periods or when you cough or sneeze. In more severe cases, numbing, tingling, and muscle weakness may occur.

Diagnosing Sciatica

Sciatica can be diagnosed through a physical exam. Our doctor will want to check your muscle strength and reflexes. To do this, we will have you walk on your toes and your heels. We will also have you stand from a squatting position. Finally, our doctor will have you lie on your back and lift your legs one at a time. Although sciatica cannot be detected using image testing, our doctor may order an x-ray, MRI, or CT scan to rule out other medical conditions that could be causing your pain.

Treating Sciatica

Pain medication can treat the pain associated with sciatica, but it is just a temporary treatment option. Chiropractic care can provide a long-term solution for pain relief without relying on pain medication. Our chiropractor can perform spinal manipulation that will take the pressure off your sciatic nerve. The adjustment will also align misaligned vertebral discs and improve your spine’s range of motion.

Sciatica Relief in Clinton Township, MI

If you have been diagnosed with sciatica or suspect you have the condition, schedule an appointment at Guzzardo Chiropractic Center in Clinton Township. Our chiropractor will create a treatment plan that is designed to relieve your pain and the other symptoms associated with sciatica. Call us today at (586) 286-6616 to schedule an appointment.